Essential London Apps

Let’s talk apps. If you are moving to London or just traveling to London, these are some great apps.

  1. What’s AppWhatsApp_Logo_6.png

What’s App has been on my phone for years. It’s a great way to chat/ call/ video call with your friends and family for free. When I moved here it was the easiest way to text people I work with who had foreign phone numbers without the extra charges. We also have several text groups for both work and fun which is really great. It’s been easy for me to call or video call my family back in Los Angeles as well and that is a huge relief.


2. City Mapper

I was told by no less than 8 people in my first two weeks to make sure to download city mapper. I use it multiple times a day to get around. You put where you want to go in London and it will give you options with walking, busses, tube, overground, uber and taxi. It also tells you the cost and the best place in the train to sit based on crowding. It’s really a great app (I believe it works in several major cities). I love that it tells you when the bus you are waiting for will arrive, as well as the other busses that are coming to the same bus stop so you know which one is next.

3. Deliveroodeliveroo_logo.png

Deliveroo! This is one of many food and grocery delivery apps that London has to offer. I have used deliveroo the most though so that’s the one I’ll be highlighting. Deliveroo has a huge variety of things you can order. EVERYONE DOES IT. The thing with London is, by the time you get home from work you will do one of 4 things for dinner.

  1. You will reheat leftovers
  2. You will eat something you picked up from the local Sainsburys, Co-op, Waitrose or Tesco (probably a curry or a meat pie)
  3. You will convince your flatmate to go to the pub with you
  4. You will order takeaway. Enter Deliveroo.

You can literally get everything from Alcohol to donuts, to kababs to pizza to burgers to pho to cookie dough. (COOKIE DOUGH). It’s not unlike Postmates that we have in Los Angeles, but the deliver folks are nicer and you don’t have to tip them. Though you should because they just brought you delicious food. It’s super fast and delivery is only £2.50. The only problem is you have to put on trousers and or a bra to meet them, at least in my current building. I mean you don’t HAVE to, but take a minute to be civilised would you?


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