Brighton for a Bank Holiday

Not wanting to spend my entire weekend in the flat during this weekend’s Bank Holiday (Good Friday and Easter Monday) and lamenting the bad weather – I decided to endure the bad weather somewhere else! I hadn’t been to Brighton yet and it’s only an hour train trip from London Bridge Station which is pretty close to me. The weather was very rainy. All the way from London to Brighton.

Let me backup with my journey to London Bridge Station. NORMALLY, there is the 141 Bus which goes directly by my flat and straight in to the station (and The Shard). I was waiting for what seemed like a long time, when a lovely older man let me know the busses were on diversion today and wouldn’t be coming to the stops on my route going Southbound. I thought okay, I can make the .5 mile walk to Old Street Station. So I get to Old Street only to realise they have closed the Northern Line for construction this weekend. AWESOME. So I end up walking an additional .5 mile to catch the 21 bus to London Bridge Station. This all would have been okay if it wasn’t such crap weather. Rant over. I took the Thameslink train from London Bridge (£28.50 Return) to Brighton, it’s a pretty new and / or nice train. I was pleasantly surprised! Also it goes to Gatwick Airport so that’s good to know, not sure if its cheaper than the Gatwick Express but I’m thinking it may be.


Brighton is a cute city. I rather enjoyed wandering up and down the lanes looking at all the fun shops and street art and brightly painted storefronts. I walked around the shopping areas and down to the beachfront. The beach itself is not sand, its these lovely copper colored rocks. It was nice to see the ocean.


I stopped for lunch at a pub called The Hop Poles. They had a roast chicken pie on special and I could think of nothing I wanted more than that and an IPA beer. The pie was delicious and I was the envy of the rest of the patrons when they discovered I got the last one! After that I walked up to The Lanes and into Choccywoccydoodah for a sweet treat to share with my flatmate. Neither of us want the guilt of an entire thing, so by sharing we avoid that. Ha!

The weather was still bad so I decided to meander back to the station and get back to London. I was worried the transport back in town would be iffy the later I returned based on my experience getting to the station.


Overall it was a nice day out, I’d definitely like to go back when the weather is a bit nicer. There’s still loads to see there!


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