I made it!

The last 2 months have been some of the absolute craziest of my life. I feel like I basically went to sleep after I accepted my new job, and woke up in London a month later. So much stress has happened in the last few weeks and I think I’ve essentially blocked it out. Which is just as well, no good will come from dwelling on it! Just wanted to say how grateful I am for family – I certainly couldn’t have done it without them. They helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed help in. They took my stuff to storage, or to their houses for storage. It’s all been so much, almost too much. I put a ton of pressure on myself and my family, they handled it with ease and I am so blessed.

ADVICE: When moving to another country by yourself with only luggage:

  • Work out. I’m not even kidding, I wish I was. You’re going to be carrying your life on your back and in your hands from the airport(s) to your new home.
  • Prepare to sweat. Even if you are moving to a cold climate, jaunts up and down stairs with two luggage pieces and a 40 lb backpack take their toll.
  • Realize it is temporary pain. My shoulders are just now recovering from my flight 3 days ago. I carried a 40 lb backpack that held my essentials and I didn’t want to check it (let alone let it out of my sight.) My traps are sore, but I got through knowing it would only be for one day of lugging.
  • Bring a rich friend or family member: I like to do things on my own, almost to a fault probably. If you are not like me and are open to help, if a friend or family member can afford to fly with you (and take minimal luggage of their own) that would be a huge help to you when trying to get your things from the airport to your flat.



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  1. Glad you made it safely and recovering. Hope it wasn’t your wardrobe in the two suitcases. London is very high fashion and it would be the perfect time to buy yourself a new wardrobe as time goes by. That would be the only sweating you would be doing 😀.


  2. So excited to see you have a blog up for your London adventure! 🙂 will be following along! Jodie at Fort Worth Fabric Studio


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