Commuting Part II


Commuting has been an interesting challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled I don’t have to drive. (If you have ever commuted to work in Los Angeles you’ll understand why!) I live in a spot that’s not terribly close to a tube station. It’s 15 minutes walk one direction (OLD STREET) or 20 minutes to either (ANGEL or HIGHBURY & ISLINGTON). The good thing is the buses are so prolific around town you can’t hardly throw a stone without hitting one. There are 3 within a 3 minute walk of my flat. Here are the routes of taken so far with my rating out of 5 stars. I’m talking TO work; traveling home is fine and always changes depending on after work plans.

  • Bus to Old Street Station > Northern Line to Kings Cross > Metropolitan Line to Great Portland St.
    • *** for hating Old Street station and having to change at Kings Cross.
  • Bus to Barbican Station > Metropolitan Line > Great Portland St.
    • **** Bus ride is a bit of a trek but not having to change lines and the lesser used Metropolitan Line is a win.
  • Bus from Home > Gower St.
    • **** Bus ride is a about 35 minutes, not bad. Usually there are seats available which is nice. It’s an additional 12-15 minute walk to work. This is fine for now but when the weather turns cold this may be an issue for a California girl like me.
  • Bus to Highbury & Islington > Victoria Line > Warren St.
    • *** This would be a good choice if the Victoria Line into town wasn’t so jammed and the bus ride wasn’t so long.
  • Bus to Moorgate Station > Metropolitan Line > Great Portland St.
    • **** about the same as Barbican but it’s nice to have another option.

Generally I try to be out the door by 8:00 am. This gives me a good amount of time to get to work (including traffic for buses and tube delays). Bonus points if I get there early and have time to stop for coffee.


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