London – Sky Garden and Brick Lane

Next time you’re in London be sure to book a visit to London’s Sky Garden. You can only book a week or two ahead but there are multiple times to visit. It’s easiest to get tickets during the week rather than on a weekend.  My mom and I went the day after we returned from Ireland and we had a really great time. Pro tip – budget in some money to have a very well made cocktail at the top! (about 11.00 GBP)


After a bit of an explore up there we headed to the the Ten Bells Pub across from Spitalfields Market. Ten Bells is unique as it has a bit of a dark history. Two of Jack the Ripper’s victims Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly were both picked up here by him. That aside, it’s a really neat place. There is a central bar area in the center of the pub which makes getting a drink easier (in theory). It’s usually slammed especially nights Thursday through Saturday. Worth a visit if you’re in East London. From there we met up with James and checked out some spots on Brick Lane for some Indian food. My mom had never had it before and if I’m being honest, she was worried she’d hate it. She didn’t hate it! She really seemed to enjoy it!


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