St. Albans

I was looking for an easy day trip out of town and landed on St. Albans – sadly I decided this on a Sunday and I think it is actually better to go on a Saturday as it has quite a good market I’m told.

From St. Pancras it’s only 20 miles away via ThamesLink. Which is crazy handy because I live next door! It’s a bit of a hike from the train station to the center of the town but not awful – maybe 10-15 minutes? It has a really neat little town square and lovely parks. St. Albans Cathedral is not to be missed. – Read more about St. Albans here. It has a lot of old Roman walls as it used to be a Roman settlement in AD 50. I had a really nice little visit and it was very good to get out of town and have a quiet stroll through the various streets and parks. I did stop for a pint and a treat! Definitely visit ‘The Pudding Stop”.


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