Colin Comes to Visit!

Back in 2009 I met my friend Colin working on Arthur Christmas at Sony. He’s full of fun and adventure and was so glad to hear he’d be in town for a few days. I took him to alot of my favourite spots – many I have mentioned in previous posts.

Our friend Carla came for the day from Bristol to grab a sunday roast at The Sun in Splendor in Notting Hill. Lovely place and lovely roast! Make sure to book ahead.

We then just hung around Notting Hill and Portobello Road. We stopped by ‘The Italian Job’ pub at the top of Portobello Rd. – every time I’ve been there it’s been fairly empty. The staff is really friendly and the decor very interesting. They serve Italian craft beers amongst the usual fare of a London pub. Worth a visit if you find yourself at the top of Portobello Rd. I talked Carla into staying a bit longer, but I had the job of calling the train to see if that was possible (that’s why I’m holding the train tickets in the window!).

Since we had more time, we headed to the Churchill Arms for the ever important instagram photo. I had never been so I was glad to go! It was slammed – probably by ‘tourists’ like us. They serve Thai food there that is pretty popular though we didn’t have any as we were still pretty full from the Roast.


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