Autumn 2018

Autumn is my favourite time of year here in London (followed closely by Spring!). The weather is great, and the leaves are changing colours. I can get out my scarves and hats again and it begins to feel like Christmas.


This Autumn provided a lot of really lovely things: I had a friend visit, we bird-sat, made a thanksgiving for 2 Aussies and a Brit and I saw a lovely exhibit at the Tower of London for Poppy Day (UK equivalent to Veterans Day though it’s much more solemn here and also marks the millions of lives lost in WWI).

Saw this hawk that is trained to scare away the pigeons at Kings Cross Station. It doesn’t kill them, but scares them and then is rewarded with meat!

img_4821 I love Thanksgiving so much I decided to try to recreate it for my flat mate and our friends Peter and Liam (of Stonehenge fame). The fellas made two ridiculously good pecan pies – even though they had never made them before! Danielle made the gravy and I made the rest! (with a little help from a Waitrose holiday pack). I think we did pretty good!

My friend Caitlin who I met at Disney came to visit her sister who is studying in Scotland. I was so glad she was able to spend a few days with me here in London on her way back to the states. We went Ice Skating at Somerset House which was pretty great, and just had a general good time catching up.


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